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1.Seamless integration rotation design.
2.Non-drop and strap hole design.
3.Support of hot swapping and plug & play.
4.Backward compatible USB 1.1 transmission interface.
5.No external power is necessary.
6.Support of power saving mode.
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Team USB Drive C142 USB flash drive

Team C142 dazzle drive, which is designed with seamless integration rotation model, is easy to use without trouble of losing cap of conventional USB drive.

The cap of Team C142, which is formed of high class stainless steel material, is formed perfectly through six precision processes, including precision stamping, grinding and polishing, surface sandblasting, high temperature thermal treatment molding, erosion resistant electrical plating and laser engraving.

The body is designed with concise and tonal twills to enhance holding tactility of users. The ridge profile, in conjunction with pure colors of natural graphite black, lake blue, silk white and amber brown, show elegant and meaningful features of the product.

With the non-drop design, you do not have to worry about loss of cap. The rotational design allows you to use it with a single hand. The strap-hole design on the cap is convenient for use with strap.




Conciseness & Aesthetics
Emphasized Texture and Ridge Line

Team C142, which emphasizes material and pure color, shows appearance design with very concise fashion. Furthermore, the surface texture with tactility and raised ridge line are designs to enhance contact surface and can reduce dropping risk of the product due to poor holding by users, and thus prolong the life cycle of the product.

The rendered product aesthetics and practicality can blend in user daily life seamlessly.

Stepless Rotational Cap Desigh for Tactility

The stepless rotational cap design of Team C142 protects both USB joint and plastic body with cap non-drop function.

Different materials of touch are used to stimulate hand feeling memory, and the design is for easy 360° rotation with single hand to increase fun for playing.

Bitonality in Conjunction
with Stainless Steel Material

The delicate profile for rotational cap of Team C142 is achieved by stainless steel material through 6 machining processes. The stainless steel material with rust resistance, erosion resistance and very good plasticity is selected for easy machining and laser engraving to show ultra good boutique texture.

The body part is combined with the stainless steel perfectly. Distinct materials present visual bitonality. Conflict aesthetics further shows yuppie taste of user.

Intimate Strap Function

The strap hole design on the stainless steel rotational piece allows users to wear or hang Team C142 onto key ring or bag to show individual style and convenience.

Internation Standards

Team C142 is certified by CE, FCC, BSMI and RoHS to meet requirements of safety standard in various nations.

More Energy Saving
Environmental Protection Reuse

The package design of Team C142, which is a model with blister covered with paper card, emphasizes on "reducing usage of blister/PET plastics", "using paper/recyclable material" and "saving packing material, volume and freight" to reduce entire plastic proportion from 70% to 10%, such that less resources are consumed actually and recyclability and reuse are possible.

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Product Specifications

ITEM Specification
 Size 53.8 x 18.0 x 9.7 mm
Interface  USB 2.0
Hot Plug  YES
Weight 15g
Warranty Lifetime warranty
System requirements
  • Windows® 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7、Windows Vista®、Mac OS X v.10.6.x+、Linux v.2.6.x+


※We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice.