8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

1.Equipped with the new-generation USB 3.0 interface.
2.Ultra-thin 8.4mm design; the most lightweight design in the industry.
3.Easy sliding design with a durability of sliding over 10,000 times.
4.Supports hot-swapping and plug&play.
5.Downward compatible with USB 2.0/USB 1.1 interfaces.
6.Does not require the use of external power.
7.Supports power saving mode.
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Team EDM


USB 3.0 Makes Data Transfer a Snap

Team Color C145 pen drive features a sliding USB connector, which smoothly extends from the drive at the push of a thumb in only one second. Cap-less design eliminates problem of lost drive caps. The scratch-free, 3D-feel, matte and glossy contrasted texture and streamlined exterior design with ergonomic push button make C145 more elegant and comfortable than ever.

With ultra-thin 8.4mm design, C145, which is designed to enhance user experience, fits comfortably between thumb and finger, the easy-to-grip contoured design requires minimal effort when unplugging from a USB port. C145 is fully compatible with High-Speed USB 3.0 interface, up to 128GB storage capacity and different colors for selection.




Fits comfortable between thumb and finger

With a thickness of just 8.4 mm, A compact design of C145 fits easily into your pocket or computer bag.

Speed, Capacity

Combining a glossy contrasted texture with ample capacity, C145 USB flash drive packs a generous capacity into a racing-car-style exterior design USB drive. Available in sizes up to 128GB, the flash drive can accommodate photos, songs, videos, and all of your favorite data. You can simply Plug-N-Play those data via high speed USB 3.0 interface in few seconds.

Easy Thumb Activated
Cap-less Desigh

The USB connector is covered in the fully-protected body without a drive cap. A simple thumb swipe forward makes it ready to use, and retract USB connector for protecting it from damage when it's not in use.

Durability > 10,000 times

Providing more than 10,000 usage times durability and Lifetime warranty, C145, with multi-colors for selection, is your best portable storage device on daily basis.

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Product Specifications

Item Specification
Size  56.7 x 20.0 x 8.4 mm   
Interface  USB 3.0
Hot Plug  Yes
Weight  10g
Warranty Lifetime warranty
System requirements
  • Windows10、Windows8.1、Windows 8、Windows 7、Windows Vista®、Mac OS X v.10.6.x+、Linux v.2.6.x+


※We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice.